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Washington DC Football and the “R”-Word!

Washington DC Professional Football, The Washington Post and the “R”-word!

Washington DC Football and the “R”-word!

If you don’t know you’re offended, let the liberal left properly inform you! They can, will and do find offense where none exists. I have stated previously in these posts that we DO NOT have a right not to be offended. And I further suggest to you, try as they might, left wing liberals and their national voice the media can’t protect you from being offended, if you feel yourself to be. But they’re damn sure trying!!!

For some time now, the sports media, have been haranguing against the Washington DC professional football team’s name, “The Redskins” and their logo depicting a Native American.

On the recent May 19th telecast of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” Michael Wilbon reported a Washington Post poll stating 9 out of 10 polled Native Americans were NOT OFFENDED by the name Redskins. Supposedly the Washington Post polled 504 Native Americans in every state in the country. Ninety percent were NOT OFFENDED!!

While Wilbon and his partner Tony Kornheiser have on several occasions written articles and televised opinions AGAINST the name and editorialized that the owners should change the name voluntarily. Failing that, they believed the NFL and its commissioner, Roger Goddell should force them to change it.

Why? Well because……….., just because!,………….. Wilbon, Kornheiser and their ilk declared IT WAS OFFENSIVE!

Now to their credit, on that same telecast, they both acknowledged SHOCK at the result of the poll and reluctantly agreed perhaps this should put an end to any further discussion of the subject. They gave credibility to the poll, stating the Washington Post does not, nor have they ever “carried water” for the Redskins organization or its owner.

Wilbon stated that 90% of Native American’s declaring they are not offended, is as credible as 90% of blacks declaring no offense at the N-word! Strong endorsement for the poll and what it means going forward.

Giving in, but not giving up, Kornheiser stated that while 90% of Native Americans say they are NOT offended by the word, “…..offense can be taken.” Yeah, I guess…………if you’re on a constant and never-ending campaign to find offenses anywhere and everywhere! Come on, Tony……. find something more significant to rail against??

Before this poll, I had contemplated writing an article on the subject, expressing my hope that the Washington Redskins organization would not cave to the pressure from the media.

My reason and belief was that “Redskins” is not offensive. Athletic teams select mascots that evoke and depict fierceness, combativeness, aggressiveness, heroic action. Names like Wildcats, Panthers, Rebels, Gamecocks, Gators, Razorbacks, Lions, the fighting Irish. Rarely do you hear of a team called the “Pusillanimous Pussy Willows”, the “Kowardly Kitty Kats”, the “Tepid Turtle Doves”. Athletic teams are named to evoke courage, or reference something about the town or area they represent..

What’s wrong with the Noble Red Man? The Redskins?

Much ado about nothing?

In reality, this is not an article for or against the use of the word Redskins. It’s about the fact that the liberal left and its voice box the media, keep looking for reason, after reason to declare some group offended and then limit everyone else speech and action as regards that “offended” group.

Even after the mea culpa expressed by Wilbon and Kornheiser, today (May 22, 2016) on ESPN’s “The Sports Reporters” Pablo Torre in his “Parting Shots” segment couldn’t leave well enough along. Basically declaring regardless, we (the liberal media) still know what is right. And even though the poll proves we’ve been on the WRONG SIDE of an issue, I’ll do what we usually do….discredit the poll!

Torre said, “Beyond the fact the poll conflicts with other polls.”   Really?……..polls querying Native Americans? Polls conducted by the Washington Post??

And “Beyond the fact that 10% still represents hundreds of thousands of Native Americans….” OK, how many 100’s of thousands Native Americans does the other 90% represent?

Then he cites the dictionary. (I don’t know which dictionary – he didn’t say): “If a term is defined in the dictionary as an ethnic slur, then the team should take note and not make that their name or logo.” Not considering myself a literary giant, I have two dictionaries in my home, neither of which define “Redskin” as an ethnic slur. Admittedly, one was published in 1993 and the other in 2002, perhaps both published before Torre’s dictionary and this argument was foisted on the public.

By the way, the Washington Redskins were named and formed in the early 1930’s, well before the current political correctness – and if you care to research, for reasons totally unrelated to an ethnic slur!

What about the Notre Dame “FIGHTING IRISH”? Surly that name is offensive to all Irish Americans and Notre Dame should voluntarily change it. Failing that, the NCAA should force them to change it!! The Irish have been in conflict since the 12th Century. I ask you, what group wants to be associated with a bunch of fighters, hellions and thugs? The fact that Belfast and all of Northern Ireland has been identified with revolt, conflict and uprisings for decades, must we label all Irish Americans FIGHTERS? Shameful I say!

What? You mean to tell me they don’t mind? You’re saying their supporters and alumni actually embrace the name? Well, they’re just uninformed. Wait until we get our campaign to discredit the term “Fighting Irish” underway………then they’ll see the error of their ways!!














  1. John John

    Another great commentary. We can always find humor when dealing with matters and issues like this and others you address here on this blog. I wonder when or if the larger portions of the American populous will awaken to the agenda driven, ideological propagandist nature of many within the liberal party and their most powerful tool and ally the national media? Thinking for yourself it seems is becoming a bit of a lost art.

  2. gary clark gary clark

    Well spoken and written! If there isn’t a problem or some type of upheaval going on ..why let’s create one! I believe there are overwhelming issues currently “in our mix” to drive most sane people to nutville” So let’s create more to add to “our plate”. As long as “we” have been on this planet….always, conflict somewhere and now with a 24 hour news cycle…we can all “enjoy” the conflicts!! I remember my grandmother always saying “just need a little peace of mind”..Do you wonder and ask why are people turning off, tuning out, giving up? Turning to all kinds of “distraction” to find some “peace of mind”..Let’s not make mountains out of anthills..How important is it really?

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