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The Trump Phenomenon

The Trump Phenomenon – How to control the White House for the next two terms and beyond.

The “Trump Phenomenon” has very little to do with Donald Trump’s qualifications to be president. However, the party that understands the phenomenon and responds properly to it, can control the White House for at least the next two terms.

Without question, we have the paltriest selection of candidates for the highest office in the land in my remembrance, going back to Kennedy-Nixon (when I could first vote at age 18). Both parties have presented the most embarrassing options ever in my memory. Having said that, there is, nevertheless, a lesson to be learned, and it has nothing to do with Trump’s qualifications to be president, nor his electability.

Regardless of the particular bias of the reporting media, all agree that Trump is bringing and expanding, and coalescing a voter base that has not been active and/or involved in the recent past. What both parties must recognize is there is a very large segment of the American populace totally and completely fed up with our federal government….every aspect of our federal government, regardless of the party in power.

These are the people, since the ‘60’s, that have stood by silently watching their values maligned, belittled and denigrated. They’ve been told, in so many words, and by so many implications and innuendos that “you don’t matter, you don’t understand, you are unintelligent or uninformed……you just remain silent, tacit and on the sidelines…….while we, who really are informed and intelligent and know what’s best, make the decisions. You just continue to work hard, pay your taxes, set on the sidelines and we, who know best, will do as we please.”

These are law-abiding citizens, not gun fanatics, that never had any idea that the right to own a gun would ever be in question. As a result they have been a long time grasping the idea, that as such, they are being painted as narrow-minded, right-wing gun-crazed fanatics, blamed for every crime perpetrated in the past few decades.

As hard-working, taxpaying citizens, they have been a long time realizing, their values are to be used and abused, not appreciated.

As law-abiding citizens, they have been slow to learn that people can, not only ignore the laws, but break the laws governing legal immigration and still be rewarded with the same benefits and privileges, as those who conformed to and abided by the law.

They have silently stood by and watched as respect for country and military have been turned into something to be dismissed and belittled.

They have tacitly stood by while all the values by which they have ordered their lives, have been systematically removed from public display.

They’ve been told to acquiesce to, respect, tolerate, allow for and kowtow to all other’s values that are foreign to them – while setting theirs aside, as antiquated, selfish and narrow-minded.

These are the people that Trump has coalesced into a viable voting block.

Individually, and even collectively they are generally too patriotic and too polite to say all the things he’s saying, in the manner in which he is saying them.   They would never posture themselves with the bluster and arrogance that he displays. And perhaps, at a different time and place, they would never support him……………..but now, right now………he’s giving them a voice that they have never and maybe would never have expressed previously.

They’re not the “silent majority”. They’re not the “religious right”. They’re not the “ignorant and uninformed”. While they’ve been the ignored and the dismissed, they have now become the pissed-off , and disenfranchised citizenry with a voice they have never previously had. Trump is speaking for them. Maybe not eloquently, certainly not politically correct, but effectively and in a manner they wish they could!

The political party that continues to ignore them, does so at their own peril. The political party that understands, listens and responds to them, can occupy the White House for at least the next two terms.

All this of course……………in my opinion!
















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  1. Steve Nesbitt Steve Nesbitt

    This is another well-written article, Billy. Ted Cruz has had some recent successes in the caucuses, so, who knows what will happen and who will be selected to represent the Republican Party? I’m just hoping that it will be a clear-cut candidate and that there will be no infighting among that party. Either Mr. Trump or Mr. Cruz would be a better choice than Mrs. Hillary. Now that’s just…….my opinion!

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