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Politically Correct Diatribe – Version II

Politically Correct Diatribe – Version II

Politically Correct Diatribe – Version II  The “politically correct” blight has moved beyond a mild and benign irritant to a serious threat to freedom of speech and into mind control. For the longest time, the majority of Americans treated it much like the weather, “everybody is talking about it, but nobody’s doing anything about it.” Well my friends, we’d better start DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

Our current president just signed a bill prohibiting the use of the term “oriental” in all federal documents. IT’S A LAW!!

Think not, read the article in the LA Times by Jayne Tsuchiyama. Go to:

Tsuchiyama, an oriental [good thing this isn’t a federal document], states this is the result of “…self-righteous, fragile egos eager to find offense where none is intended.” If that’s all it was, ……….bad enough…….but A LAW??

While lengthy, I encourage you to re-read my first article on this topic. I wrote it October 12, 2015 entitled “Thoughts, Ideas and Discussions on ‘Politically Correct Speech’.

In it I compared Newspeak in George Orwell’s book “1984” to Politically Correct Speech today. Newspeak as Orwell depicted it is a form of English that the totalitarian government utilized to discourage free thought.

Written in 1949, thirty-five years before the title date 1984. And now in 2016, 1984 is 32 years too late.

In a more recent article, “Conquering America Without Firing a Shot”. In it I stated, “ I’d first get the citizens to question their values. Then to doubt them; then abandon altogether, the dogmas, creeds, doctrines, philosophies and core values that made them great in the first place. I believe strongly that is what is happening in our country today!!”

See two very recent examples:

Seeds of Disorder: High School Courses Now Dedicated to Teaching American Guilt – Go to

How the Yale Halloween Vigilantes Finally Got Their Way

Nicholas and Erika Christakis step down from their administrative posts, closing a sorry chapter at the university.

I am loath to subscribe to conspiracy theories, but who’s behind all this??


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