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Father’s Day, Orlando and Guns

Father’s Day, Orlando and Guns

Father’s Day, Orlando and Guns – I am so thankful for my father and the blessings that come with being a father. I am thankful for “father’s day” and I’m impressed and gratified by the outpouring of acknowledgement and recognition for fathers on social media and by the mainstream media.

For those faithful followers of this weblog (if there are any), you know I have previously written on fatherhood, [Sperm Donors, Baby-daddies and Fathers] and I have also spoken about guns and gun control [Gun Control and Terrorism in the United States].

Therefore the proximity of the Orlando nightclub shootings to Father’s Day, along with the expected focus on guns has prompted me to again try to make some sense of it all; if not by convincing others – at least for me to outline some (what I consider to be) rational thoughts.

“Don’t confuse me with the facts —I got my mind made up.” AND “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.” These are two quotes that most epitomize the polarized condition of rational thought and discussion in our country today. Nothing that left and far-left leaning individuals post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter likely ever gets read, much less rationally considered and digested by right and far-right leaning people. And vice versa.

Over simplification – When a very complex issue, topic or condition gets distilled down to, explained by or blamed on, a single, simple, generally inflammatory word, phrase, topic, item or reason. Which is exactly what happens after any mass killing, where a gun is the tool.

Its most often Democratic lawmakers and left-leaning media that leap to and objectify the firearm and declare that all of this would end if we would just wake up and ban guns! Of course, in the case of Nine-Eleven, the Oklahoma City and the Boston Marathon bombings, not a gun was present or fired. This, first response leap to blame guns, gun owners and anyone who differs on this topic, to me is an insulting over simplification.

Over simplifications from the other side: The fork ………….. reason for obesity! Thirty-two ounce colas………..cause of diabetes – Ban the Big Gulp! — Castrate yourself because the neighbor has too many children. Trite? Yes, but no less valid. Sadly, neither of these positions do anything to foster rational discussion or resolve the problem.

In my opinion, until our politicians and we as a society recognize and deal with the real problem, we will continue to experience mass killings and terrorism in this country. Yes, we may end up with stricter gun laws, or even a total ban on gun ownership but following that, the condition causing our problems will still exist and must still be dealt with.

To anyone who has read this far, what I am about the address ,you may feel is the grossest of over simplifications………perhaps you are right, but it’s a broader and more omnipresent condition than the ownership of a firearm. I’m referring to the pervasive proliferation of evil.

The evil in the world, and more specifically our country, comes from the evil in man which results from a departure from God. Grooaann! Over Simplification!! Maybe so, certainly a more complex and complicated issue than blaming firearms! Too big a topic! Too difficult a condition!! Blame guns!!

In this country, in my lifetime (mainly since the 1960’s) we have, if not taken God out of, marginalized God in almost every aspect of public life, in our schools, in our courts, in our history. Will we remove any reference to God in the constitution, our money?

We are allowing the beliefs, philosophies, tenants and creeds this country was built on to be desecrated, belittled and watered down to the point they are no longer significant.

Orlando and Father’s Day – as I stated in my previous post on Fatherhood, our society has marginalized fathers and their role in the home and family to the extent we have generations of young men with absolutely no moral teaching, much less religious beliefs.

Could these things in any way, be a more significant contributor to our society’s problems than gun ownership?




  1. Dale Taylor Dale Taylor

    Amen Brotha Bill! Youre singing my song!

    • BurtonB BurtonB

      Thanks, Dale!

  2. Gayle Niemeyer Gayle Niemeyer

    I agree with you, Bill. BUT GUNS ARE TOO AVAILABLE TO PEOPLE WHO aren’t hunters, want to show how “bad” they are and don’t have respect for life.
    We have become a “banana republic”, a third world country ruled by a mob, who believes that everyone is wrong but them. SAD. SUCH. A TRAVESTY….
    I love this country and it breaks my heart.

    • Carlyle Bailey Carlyle Bailey

      Sorry, but I don’t believe the Second Amendment says anything about hunting or any other requirement for demonstrated need.

      • BurtonB BurtonB

        Thanks, Carlyle!

  3. Steve Nesbitt Steve Nesbitt

    Billy, there are NO simplifications here—simply the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. We used to have prayer in schools, and the name of God was everywhere, and life was BETTER. Now, if the name of God shows up (or horrors, the name of JESUS), people can be FINED and they can wind up in JAIL. Good grief, Charlie Brown. We need a President who is godly; a congress which is godly and a Supreme Court which is godly, and then we might have a fighting chance to get this country back into a decent civilization.

    • BurtonB BurtonB

      So right Steve! Thanks for reading and responding!

  4. John John

    I heard a letter written by a wife in an interracial marriage covey these thoughts; and I paraphrase. The world is made up of people not liberals and conservatives, not blacks, whites, and latinos , not even men and women. Its made up of people. Some of them are good people, that being they live according to core values, principles and character traits that result in good behaviors. Among these traits are honesty, integrity, selfless acts of helping others, being slow to anger, patient and respectful of others while withholding judgment. Some are bad people, those devoid of any values or possessing few if any traits know to be good. They are selfish, thinking only of themselves and their own desires, giving no consideration to others and they seek only to please themselves, the truth is true only if it serves them or their desires. Casting judgment upon others behaviors while ignoring or justifying their own. An expectation of a return guides their decisions. Again the world is full of people living on the battleground of Good vs Evil. We have a choice between which of the two will guide and direct our lives. We will always suffer either directly and very personally, or indirectly when people make the choice to engage in bad or evil behaviors. It’s always been that way. I agree we have removed entirely and marginalized much of what we know to be good, right and just from the fabric of our society. and we are seeing the consequences and cost of those decision playing out as a result.

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