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The Past Election Cycle – An Analysis

The Past Election Cycle – An Analysis

I’m about to attempt something I am singularly unqualified to do. As in the past, that realization and acknowledgement hasn’t always stopped me and this occasion is no different. So, I press on, at risk of embarrassment and my own peril.

I’m satisfied there are large numbers of people (those that HAVE NOT weighed in on Facebook and other social media outlets) who voted for HRC, and given the two choices, honestly and truly believed she was the better of the two choices. There will never be a way to prove or disprove that premise.

Unfortunately, an election is not a scientific experiment. There can be no double-blind study. There is no way to prove, “in the absence of this fact – then this will result.” Only time, results and history will determine how good or bad President-elect Trump will be. But time and history can never prove how good or bad HRC would have been, because there will be no results.

My comments are directed to those HRC voters that are so worried, angered, disbelieving, astonished, traumatized and bitter as to constantly and continuously spew criticism, vitriol and hate toward the future President of the United States and the people who voted for him. Those people referred to by HRC herself as “a basket of deplorables” among other much less flattering characterizations.

What has been troubling to me is, many of the people described in the paragraph above are friends, whom I respect. People who in my dealings, experience and long history are otherwise clear-thinking and rational individuals, not prone to emotional knee-jerk reactions.

These same people have posted and shared on Facebook and other social media outlets, such comments as:

  • Respect is not given, it must be earned – share if you have no respect for Trump (President-Elect Trump)
  • The Electoral College must accept its ultimate responsibility of electing a qualified president.
  • Sign a petition to abolish the Electoral College
  • “Kremlin names Trump Employee of the Month”
  • A cartoon depiction of Bevis and Butthead as a comparison to two of Trump’s sons.
  • “Can Trump’s hair survive Inauguration Day? – the biggest crisis facing the president-elect on day; how to keep the combover under control during his swearing in.”
  • How to plan the political revolution that could stop President Trump.
  • “You thought 2016 was bad? Wait till you see what 2017 brings now that this lunatic is in charge of your social security, Medicare, global diplomacy and American nuclear arsenal.
  • Trump speaking his mind isn’t refreshing, its appalling! Coca-Cola is refreshing.
  • I’m proud to be everything Donald Trump hates.
  • “To be President, Obama had to be scholarly, intelligent, president of the Harvard law Review, president of some of our greatest educational institutions, capable of talking to two different worlds. Donald Trump had to be rich and white, that’s the difference.” This posted over the picture of a black man.
  • “What would happen if you took people who had no idea what they were doing and give them the most important jobs in the world? – This posted over a picture of Trump’s Cabinet appointees. “We’re about to find out.”
  • “Trump’s proposed cabinet is the worst in American history, a motley crew of plunder monkeys.” Posted over a picture of Stephen King.
  • Seven Deadly Sins: Pride, Greed, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony, Lust.  “Oh look, evangelicals just elected the anti-Christ!

Because they lost, I conclude they are Democrats. However, since in my view, the Democratic party of today, bears very little resemblance to the Democratic party of my youth and the party of JFK, and because, again in my view, the Democratic Party has either been hijacked by or surrendered itself to the ultra-left wing faction, I conclude those weeping and gnashing their teeth are political liberals.

I use the term “political liberals” to distinguish them from what is the generally considered representation of the term “liberal.”

When you go to the internet for a definition of “liberal” it most often references a political stance.

However, I did find one non-political definition of “liberal” on an internet search from the English Oxford Living Dictionary:

Liberal – Willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own, open to new ideas.

And from Webster’s New World Dictionary:

Liberal – generous, ample, abundant, not literal or strict, tolerant, broad-minded, favoring reform or progress.

Again, the “political liberal” reflected above bears absolutely no resemblance to these two definitions.

Yet they want to cloak themselves in the mantle of tolerance, broad-mindedness and intelligence.

They claim tolerance for different opinions, but are shocked and outraged to discover there are in fact opinions that differ from theirs!

To quote G.K. Chesterton, ‘The argument thus stood in a charmingly convenient form: “All men that count have come to my conclusion; for if they come to your conclusion, they do not count.”’– 1

As I have stated previously, they don’t consider the merit or validity of a differing positon, philosophy or political ideology and fashion an argument in opposition. The current crop of political liberals’ common and consistent response is to belittle, denigrate, label and name-call.

In my opinion very ineffective, tiresome and boring! Rather than broad-minded, they behave simple-mindedly.

From a political strategy perspective, how do they expect to draw to, or back to, their party the people they have so consistently and blatantly labeled deplorable, racist, and misogynistic.

Not a very effective method to win voters and influence elections!

I don’t know if a sports analogy is proper, effective or convincing here, but in sports after a defeat, most teams review film, note the other teams strengths, acknowledge their own weaknesses’ and work on their deficiencies to improve their chances in the next contest. They identify those responsible for the loss and either work with them to improve, or failing that, replace them with more effective and competitive players.

To date, I see no evidence of such a strategy from the Democratic Party and certainly not from the political liberals.

Their focus is finding fault with the victor and those that voted for him and placing blame! (somewhere else)

Now to the very subjective analysis by a common man and ordinary citizen.

  • I believe there is a vast number of voters, Democrat and Republican that don’t read the Wall Street Journal or listen to NPR. They likely don’t watch much of the national news because man and wife are both working, some two jobs, trying to pay their bills, pay their taxes, educate their children and support their church – way too busy most of the time to listen to or be swayed by the political rhetoric spewing from both sides – but they have an innate sense of when the political pendulum has swung too far in one direction or the other. This group of voters impacted the result of our recent national election.
  • In addition, there is a great number of disenchanted, disenfranchised citizen voters who, like those described above, are fed up with the revolving door of professional politicians, from both parties, continuing with the same rhetoric, electing the same cadre of politicians doing the same thing, while they have stood by and seen their values not only eroded, but erased and maligned. They’ve listened to the same bunch of political BS and they don’t trust any of them. A pox on both their houses.
  • These people should never be discounted, marginalized or dismissed.   Even though most don’t live on the left or right coasts, even though their values, opinions and beliefs may be different, they deserve a voice, they deserve representation.  They are why the Electoral College was created.  They are why it continues to exist.  They are why it should never be abolizhed!
  • In a previous post I titled “The Trump Phenomenon” I explained why I thought Trump would win. He spoke to these people in a voice, free of political correctness, saying things in a manner in which they would use, if they had the floor and the audience. He realized this, and played to it as no other candidate has in the recent past. Plus, he was an outsider, not a politician of the same stripe as we’ve all been used to for decades. They didn’t care that he was wealthy! They didn’t care that he was crude! They didn’t care that he was crass! They wanted a REAL CHANGE! Trump recognized this; none of the other candidates from either party recognized it.
  • The Democrats (political liberals) shoved, stretched and strained a flawed political ideology way beyond the point of reasonable tolerance.
  • In addition, the Democrats (political liberals) were too arrogant to recognize and realize they were fielding a tragically, flawed and seriously corrupt candidate. They pushed the boundaries of credulity past any reasonable point of acceptance.

Now my conclusion.

  • Yes, I voted for Trump. I didn’t so much vote for Trump as I voted against HRC.
  • He’s been elected only for four years. Our country is 241 years old. Four years, as a percentage of our history, is only 1%. If he turns out to be as bad as all his detractors believe he will be, he won’t last but four years.
  • I trust the governmental structure the founding fathers put in place. I prefer to believe, even the Republican controlled House of Representative and Senate will not allow him to do anything that endangers our Republic.
  • I believe the President of the United States deserves the opportunity to govern and a chance to make his own mistakes and we should allow that. When Obama was elected, one of my conservative friends said, “I didn’t vote for him, but I hope he performs in such a manner that I will vote for him the next time.” Obama didn’t, and he didn’t – but he gave him the chance.
  • Does Trump scare me? Right down to the ground!
  • Does he make embarrassing statements? You bet he does!
  • I believe strongly in the two-party system and hope both parties recognize what happened in this recent election and will make a concerted effort to consider the value of all our citizens and will work hard to field a truly qualified candidate next time.  A candidate that is neither too far left, or too far right!

Have Faith.

Have Faith in the Constitution.

Have Faith in the political structure our founding fathers put in place.

Have Faith in each other.

Have Faith in God!


Posted over a picture of Albert Einstein

  • Weak People Revenge
  • Strong People Forgive
  • Intelligent People Ignore

God Bless America!

1 – A Year with G.K. Chesterton, Kevin Belmonte, Editor




  1. Sonny Sonny

    Well written Bill, I like you, was raised and registered as a democrat. I was proud to be in the Party then. That changed with the preformance of Obama. As for Clinton, did she do anything to help the brave men in Bengahazi? NO!! Did she earase the emails that a court order said not too? Yes!! I was conviced she was corrupt! I voted for Trump also and hope he does good. I would have voted for anyone other than Clinton. I changed my party due to Oboma and Clinton. I will not vote party lines ever, but will make my decisions on my research.

  2. John John

    My comments will resemble Sonny’s. Indeed well written conveying a cool devoid of emotion, thoughtful, objective observation. Social media lends itself to quick, poorly thought out visceral responses. This piece conveys an assessment of the landscape and environment present during this last election cycle absent of any narrow minded political view point. Too many of us are far too invested in our view points rendering us incapable of being open to opposing opinion so much so that many believe silencing opposing view points actually has merit. This helps to create the bitter divisiveness we see present in todays society. I believe Obama’s administration has enabled even arguable promoted this divisiveness.

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