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Lies, Damn Lies and Liars!


Lies, Damn Lies and Liars! “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics.” Attributed to 19th Century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) and made popular by Mark Twain

While lies: white, political, habitual, pathological, damning and deceitful are commonplace in everyday life and throughout history, in this time most critical to American society (an election year) I’m eliminating statistics and confining this to simply lies and damn lies.

I invite you to do a google search for the 10 most significant lies in all of history. You’ll find everything from the Trojan Horse, to the Nazi propaganda against the Jews, to Watergate and the Clinton-Lowenski Scandal and Iraq and WMD’s. Sufficient to cover the political spectrum.

First let’s define lying:

Lying is saying something with the intent of creating a false belief or impression. It’s an attempt to get someone to believe something that is not true. – 1

So………. why do people lie?

Fear…. Manipulation…. Pride


It was Ted Williams who said, “We tell lies when we are afraid……afraid of what we don’t know, afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about us. But every time we tell a lie, the thing that we fear grows stronger.” People can be so afraid of what might happen if they told the truth. Maybe they have done something wrong and are afraid of the consequences of their actions, so they lie to cover up what they did. As often said about political scandals: It’s not the crime that gets you in trouble, nearly as much as the cover up.” – 2


Lies are typically motivate by a desire to get other people to either do something or not do something, or to make a decision in the favor of the person doing the lying. Someone may lie to get something they desire such as sex, money, status, power, etc.” – 3


Many times, a person will lie because of pride. They use it for nothing more than a tool to create a favorable image of themselves. This leads to exaggeration, which is a form of lying. Often people will create fascinating, yet completely false, stories to improve their image. – 4

Before I’m too hard on our current politicians, I would suggest we have all lied for one or all of those reasons – given the circumstances.

To give them a pass and be totally honest, I concede the political arena is the absolutely most difficult arena to be one hundred percent honest, one hundred present of the time. There are circumstance involving national security which prohibit it.

“Mr. Truman, I understand we are developing a bomb, a single unit of which can totally destroy a major metropolitan city. Is that true?” How should he have answered? Should he have lied? I say yes!

“General Eisenhower, we have reason to believe, the allied forces’ invasion of Europe is going to take place at Normandy on June 6. Is that true?” Errr uuh………No!

See what I mean?

“The big problem with lying is that it becomes an addiction. When you get away with a lie it often drives you to continue your deceptions, and in the process, you ruin relationships, hurt others, lose your integrity and lose your peace. Truth becomes a feared enemy of the liar. It’s a sick and tragic cycle that doesn’t ever have a happy ending.” – 6

When we, as a society and the media, as our spokesmen allow lies to pass unchallenged, it allows/drives the liar to continue his/her deception. Have we become a society so in sensitized and acceptable of lying that we are perpetuating it in our leaders? CALL A LIAR, A LIAR!!!

But then we have the PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!

A pathological liar is a person who compulsively lies for personal gain and doesn’t feel guilt or remorse when hurting other people. Pathological liars are considered to be sociopaths, meaning they have a personality disorder in which there is an absence of conscience and a sense of right and wrong.

Pathological liars are often manipulative and tell lies that are outlandish yet believable. They often present themselves as either being heroic or victimized. However, they are typically aware that they are lying. Pathological liars tell lies because of their sociopathic personality trait, not due to external circumstances. Because pathological liars don’t feel guilt or stress due to their actions, their lies are difficult to discern through a lie detector test.” -5

In this most critical period, an election year, surly we would never vote for such a person to hold the HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND!

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  1. Gayle Niemeyer Gayle Niemeyer

    As Big Daddy reminded his children. “Mendacity will be the down fall of this family!

    • BurtonB BurtonB

      Thanks for reading, Gayle. Great reference!

  2. gary clark gary clark

    In the political “arena” we the people(as told by our elected officials) are supposed to believe “everything is perfect” ..It changed for me when Kennedy was murdered. It continues today. However, as with the “discovery” of the internet….untruths abound with no boundaries; no character; no integrity; keep the “lie” moving to damage,destroy and humiliate the person or “thing” is the target..Nothing to see here” look over there ….there is where the problem “lies” An old saying “He would rather climb an oak tree naked as to stand on the ground and tell the truth” There will be a day when things of this world will be set “right”. The disturbing point of the lie….we the people, believe it! No questions, why it’s in print, or in the newspaper, especially on the internet! Must be true! We have reached the point, where, nothing can be taken at it’s value. I tend to believe those who have a history of truth in their lives…Hopefully may “we the people” not regret what we do on election day!

    • BurtonB BurtonB

      Thanks for reading Gary!

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