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About Bill


Burton graduated from University of Kentucky with a BS in Pharmacy.  He was a business executive in the entertainment distribution business. He owned an Association Management business, conducted management training and time-management seminars and served as Executive Director of a national trade organization.  He has been married to Judy for over fifty years, is a father and grandfather.  He plays golf, paints and sculpts and is an avid reader.

I begin this with the arrogant assumption that I have something of interest to say.

In addition, it is my attempt to define what I believe, and why I believe it.  While I abhor labels for the most part (However…………but for them we couldn’t tell a Hershey bar from a chaise lounge), I know they are a part of our lexicon and used constantly to define individuals and circumstances.  The trouble however is their limitations.

Conservative vs. Liberal

Currently if you are labeled one or the other, your thoughts and opinions are immediately dismissed by those of the opposite-label camp.  I don’t know if this endeavor will do anything to correct or improve that condition, but we can try.

What I write is not intended to convince anyone to change their current perspective, but as stated above to state and hopefully explain why I hold the beliefs and opinions that I do.

I intend this to be a site for civil, logical, intelligent and passionate discussion of myriad topics including, but not limited to politics, religion, race, humor, sports, entertainment, finance and economics, healthcare, literature, culture, social media, the press, philosophy, history and any other topic of current or topical interest.

I require all respondents to be civil, courteous, polite and respectful.  No personal attacks, profanity, belligerent rants, racial slurs or innuendos.  You can challenge the post, idea, philosophy or message, but never the messenger!

If we can all adhere to these principles, perhaps we can have a forum for a free, open and hopefully enlightened discussion and exchange of ideas.  I believe it’s possible.

Initially I hope/intend to have a weekly post that will include a scripture verse, an interesting, stimulating or topical quote from a famous, known or unknown writer, philosopher, personality or John Doe, and some topic that I hope will be, if not interesting, at least thought provoking.

As an “average citizen” & “common man” I have no particular authority or expertise in any of the topics possibly discussed, but I am college educated, relatively well-read and have years of life experience to inform my thoughts……………….in addition to a litany of bias’, prejudices, beliefs and opinions.